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Advanced Placement Exams or AP are held in May every year and are taken by students from America , Canada and other international educational institutions .But taking the course you’re letting colleges and universities know that you have what it takes to succeed in an undergraduate environment.They offer your admission officer a consistent measure of course across high school , district and countries.

The biggest advantage lies in the fact that byy making it through an AP course and scoring successfully on the related AP Exam, you can save on college expenses. Currently more than 90 percent of colleges and universities across the country offer college credit, advanced placement, or both, for qualifying AP Exam scores.


Key features 

1.Flixibility of Combination

Student can take as many AP exams as he wants in any combination of subjects.

2.A help for student with disability 

A student can avail variious disability benifits like using Braille , large block answer sheets etc .A student need to visit the disability coordinator and inform him about the same so as to avail these benifits.The exam can be taken only in English in AP defined centres and are availble at a fixed price of $86.


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