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Accounts Receivable Homework Help


Homework Guru, the best homework help service over the internet provides best  Accounts Receivable homework help service  to students across the globe. Finance and accounts are most popular subjects taught online and finding the best online tutor for the subject is a difficult task . As per a report the overall online tutoring market for Finance and Accounts if of over $25 million but only 5% of these services are actually tutoring online with precision and accuracy. Free online tutoring for the subject is high in demand but one cannot compromise on quality if the deadline is short and the stakes are high.  All experts providing accounts receivable homework help work with a mission to provide accurate and fast accounts receivable solution.  Before proceeding further lets first understand what is account receivable.


What is Accounts Receivable?


Accounts Receivable is a payment claim which is legally enforced by an organization against its clients , for the services provided or goods supplied as against the customer’s orders. Invoice is one of the common example of accounts receivable and is raised after the service has been rendered or goods have been delivered. Accounts receivable are mostly denoted as an asset in a balance sheet.  Many other receivable notes are created mostly in the form of promissory notes.


It is basically the money owed by the entities after the sale has been done. These receivable are mostly used in the sales ledger as sales ledger records the sale a business has made and the amount of money received after the sale. A time bound limit is set by the client to make the payment on the basis of Invoice raised.  Outstanding advances are part of the receivable if the customer makes an advance payment before the service or goods are delivered. Accounts receivable is protected either by a letter of credit or by trade credit insurance. It is to be noted that accounts receivable are always classified as current assets as they are due within one calendar or fiscal year.


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