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Agricultural Engineering Homework Help

Stream of engineering responsible for developing and designing the new procedures, tools , and systems  for the improvement of agricultural output is known as agricultural engineering. Professionals working in this stream are known as agricultural engineers or agriculturist.  Since agriculture plays an important role in economic growth of a country , agricultural engineering is one of the most important field of study for any individual. These individuals use engineering laws related to agriculture and horticulture and create better solutions for farmers in field. This helps in enhancement of farm structure and conservation of agricultural soil which over all add to the economic growth.



Agricultural engineering involves a combination of science , food and mechanical technology.  One needs to study soil sciences, fertilization, drainage and irrigation in order to be a good agricultural engineer.  The study also includes plant biology, animal biology , chemical engineering principles and anatomy of crops . One needs state licenses in order to practice as a agricultural engineer and the certification includes both test and field work.   




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