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Homework Guru is one the most established and popular company for biology help.  One can find Biology help online from various companies across the internet but there are very few who actually provide help with biology which much sincerity and clarity as Homework Guru does. So what exactly is Biology and why Biology Homework questions are very much in demand let’s dig deep and understand.


 A study of life which details the way living things survive in an environment is known as Biology. The term Biology is a Greek term and is derived as Bio: Which means life and Logia which means study.  It is a natural science related to the living organism’s structures, growth, evolution and function.  It is the branch of science which is quite diverse and studies from the basic unit of life to as advanced life systems which are popularly known as genes.


As discussed above Biology as a subject is quite diverse and include various topics like Botany, zoology , Biochemistry, bio engineering, life science, molecular biology , cellular biology and other topics of evolutionary biology.


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