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Biotechnology Homework Help

Biotechnology is a technological application that uses living systems and organisms to create biological products or improve the current biological processes. As can be derived from its name Bio means life while technology is the application of science. The term "Bio -Technology" was given by a Hungarian scientist Károly Ereky. It uses various science and technological processes in order to modify living organism in accordance to desired human purposes. Genetic Engineering, cell culture , tissue culture are most popular biotechnological procedures that are implemented in the modern world. Biotechnology was started by agriculturists in early 18th century in order to increase their overall farm output.


The technology can be broken down into red, white, green and blue biotechnology. Red biotechnology uses stems cell technology in order to reproduce organs or create new drugs. White biotechnology is a technique used for industrial purposes in order to create bio fuel from living organisms. Green Biotechnology is used to improve the agricultural output while Blue biotechnology is used in aquatic or marine environment.


Biotechnology has been a boon for modern life in recent years as the technology has helped scientists and doctors  cure many diseases. Vaccination is one of the most important product of biotechnology as it has protected billions of life from various deadly diseases. Creation of modern medicine like antibiotics has played a vital role in increasing the human life expectancy in recent years. The technology is also used in improvement of quality of food we consume and progress in fermentation of Beer in recent years is a great example for that.


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