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Bookkeeping Homework Help


What is bookkeeping?

The recording of financial transactions on day to day basis is known as Bookkeeping. It is a process whereby all the financial information of a business is maintained and then evaluated to understand the financial condition of any business. The data thus captured should be accurate and is thus of vital importance.  Bookkeeping acts as a source of information upon which all the accounts of an organization are prepared.  Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts and payments by an individual or organization. All the financial transaction are recorded under Bookkeeping. A bookkeeper is a person who keeps all the records and keeps a daily books of all the transactions done. There is a defined standard on how bookkeeping should be done and they are known as quality controls. Two types of entry system are followed while doing bookkeeping:-

  1. Single Entry System.
  2. Double Entry System.


Assistant accountants are generally responsible for managing the bookkeeping accounts of an organization. All the functions of accounting should be kept in mind while preparing the bookkeeping accounts.

Why need Bookkeeping Homework Help?

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