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Break even Point Homework Help

A point after which a company makes profit is known as the Break Even Point. It is the position where the company starts making some profit.  So a company’s total cost and total revenue should be equal to achieve Break Even Point. A firm’s prices should be higher than all its variable cost in order to achieve this position.


It is also the revenue required to cover a company’s all fixed and variable expenses. This revenue can be considered as monetary or non monetary like man hours or machine hours. Break Even point is based on the assumption that a company’s variation in revenue is directly related to the company’s variation in expense.  


Break Even point of a company is generally calculated by diving the fixed expenses and contribution margin ratio. Here this calculation can be done on the following parameters:-


  1. In Units
  2. In dollar (For a single product or a service)
  3. In dollars ( For multiple product and services)  



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