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Cash flow statement Homework Help


A financial statement that reveals the changes in a balance sheet and what is the impact of overall income on the cash and its equivalent is known as Cash Flow Statement. It is one of the main financial statements which is used after specific time interval. This statement is popularly known as Statement of Cash Flows.  The statement consist of Operating activities detail which converts the elements listed on the income statement from accrual of accounting to cash and its equivalents. The other inclusions in Cash flow statement are Financial Activities, investment activities and other supplemental information.  The entire statement is based on accrual of accounting basis and consists of revenue which is not yet collected or the expenses which have not been made so far. 



Cash flow statement is mostly used to compare company’s operating income and the net income. It also acts as a basis of investment for investors  as it’s is not favorable to invest in a company if operating income cash is less than the net income of the company. Also if a company generated more cash than it spends that investors would love to invest in the same as  the chances of receiving a dividend increases . Any student interested to become a financial analyst would be required to study Cash Flow Statement thoroughly. Accounting and Financial management topics are also taught along with Cash Flow Statement so that the students understand the complexity involved In the topic. A detailed theoretical coursework is required to be completed once the Cash Flow Statement topic is studied completely. This task is absolutely tough and our experts ensure that they not only provide just the Cash Flow Statement Homework Help but also help you understand the nuances of the subject



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