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Chemical Engineering Homework Help

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What is Chemical Engineering?


Chemical Engineering is a branch of science which combines physical and life sciences together with  economics and mathematics to produce, create and send  chemical across the world.  Students studying Chemical engineering learn the nuances involved in the manufacturing and designing of large scale process involved in converting chemicals into different products like micro organism, raw products etc. These students need to learn the following principals of chemical engineering in order to complete their course:-


  • Chemical reaction engineering
  • Plant design and construction
  • Process analysis and design
  • Transportation process for chemicals


The subject is taught in almost all the engineering colleges across the world.  The subject is quite diverse and one can choose the following area of work after completing their chemical engineering course:-

·         Water technology

·         Unit operations

·         Transport phenomena

·         Thermodynamics

·         Textile engineering

·         Syngas production

·         Separation processes

·         Semiconductor device fabrication

·         Safety engineering

·         Process miniaturization

·         Process engineering

·         Process development

·         Process design

·         Process control

·         Polymers

·         Plastics engineering

·         Pharmaceutical engineering

·         Paper engineering

·         Oil refinery

·         Oil exploration

·         Nuclear reprocessing

·         Natural gas processing

·         Natural environment

·         Nanotechnology

·         Molecular engineering

·         Mineral processing

·         Microfluidics

·         Metallurgy

·         Membrane processes

·         Materials science

·         Mass transfer

·         Industrial gas

·         Industrial catalysts

·         Heat transfer

·         Gasification

·         Fuel cell

·         Food engineering

·         Fluid dynamics

·         Fischer Tropsch synthesis

·         Environmental engineering

·         Electrochemistry

·         Earthquake engineering

·         Distillation processes

·         Crystallization processes

·         Cost estimation

·         Corrosion engineering

·         Computational fluid dynamics

·         Chemical weapons

·         Chemical Technologist

·         Chemical reactor

·         Chemical process modeling

·         Ceramics

·         Catalysts

·         Biotechnology engineering

·         Biotechnology

·         Bioprocess engineering

·         Biomedical engineering

·         Bioinformatics

·         Biochemical engineering

·         Bimolecular engineering



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