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Scientific approach to computation application is known as Computer Science. It has been one of the most popular courses among students in recent times. Almost all known universities across the globe teach Computer Science. So what exactly is computer science?  Let’s dig deep into the subject and understand why this field of study has left all other streams of science completely behind. In a recent international survey Computer Science Homework Help was among the most popular services requested by students globally.


Computer science can be broadly defined as the systematic study of methodical procedures involved in processing of information. This information is broadly known as data. Study of computer science helps in information / data processing at a much faster rate as compared to human brain. It can be broadly classified into:-

1.Software development

2.Algorithm Design

3.Web & Mobile Development


5.Computer Security



Each of the above mentioned streams plays an important role in the study of Computer Science. Along with electronics computer science has made numerous contributions in almost all walks of life. From Medical science to information technology to home appliances to defense, computer science has established itself as the basic bedrock for innovation.  Adoption of computer and its application has improved human life drastically. It has helped human life take the huge plunge from medieval to modern times. The current information age was stated by the digital revolution which gave birth to one of the most existing and user technology known as Internet. Computation and computability has helped human solve various unsolvable problems. We can reach outer space and this could not have been possible without computer science. Overall computer science can be defined as a perfect amalgam for science, technology & mathematics. But it is the invention of programming language that has skyrocketed computer science’s popularity. Programming language gave birth to various computer applications. It gave life to computer algorithms designed to run these applications. Algorithms were nothing but mathematical formula which wire framed these applications.  Language like C , Dot net , PHP , Java and recently introduced Android has helped improve human life in recent times.


So what exactly is a programming language? Let’s understand the same below :-



A formally constructed language designed to communicate instructions to a machine is called as a programming language. The language is developed using algorithms that are designed in accordance to the use case of the applications. A programming language is used to write a program in accordance to the algorithm used.  These are the coded languages used by programmers


 More than 10,000 programming languages have been developed so far and many more are developed every year. Each language is unique in its sense and caters to the specific needs of an application it is meant for. A programming language is divided into two parts:-


  • Syntax
  • Semantics


C is one of the most popular programming languages used worldwide and it is specified by an ISO standard while other languages like PERL are used as a reference. Other popular programming languages include JAVA, Android, C Sharp etc. All these languages work on a basic principle of using machine language which uses binary 0 &1 to execute very fast codes.


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