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What is Depreciation?


The conversion of the cost of tangible capital asset or fixed asset into an operational expense over the asset's estimated life is called as Depreciation. It is the transfer of some asset's cost from the balance sheet to income statement during each year of assets life. Examples of fixed assets that can be depreciated are buildings, furniture, leasehold improvements, and office equipment.


Depreciation reflects the reduction in the book value of the asset over a fixed period of time. It helps in the reduction of taxable income over an accounting period. One cannot use depreciation for any kind of valuation or assessing the market value of an asset.


It an important topic under Accounting homework help and assignment help. Homework Guru is a pioneer in this field and can help you solve these questions better than no one else across the globe. Building in a plant, its land improvement and its equipments come under the depreciation process. All these assets will be depreciated in accordance to the depreciation class applied across. It is interesting to see that depreciation does not apply to land as land’s value does not depreciate but appreciate across a period of time.


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