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Instrumentation Engineering Homework Help

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What is Instrumentation Engineering?

The branch of engineering which focus on the principle and operation of measuring instruments is known as Instrumentation Engineering.  An instrument is used to measure any kind of physical quantity , temperature , pressure , distance , angle etc. These instruments can be of various types . A small thermometer measuring temperature and a large scale analyzer are some of the common example of an instrument. So one need to study and understand all kinds of instruments while studying Instrumentation Engineering.  One understand the technology involved in the design and development of instruments while studying Instrumentation Engineering.


Following are the various parameters which are measured by different instruments:-


  • Pressure, either differential or static
  • Flow
  • Temperature
  • Levels of liquids, etc.
  • Density
  • Viscosity
  • Properties of ionizing radiation
  • Frequency
  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Inductance
  • Capacitance
  • Resistivity
  • Chemical composition
  • Chemical properties
  • Properties of light
  • Vibration
  • Weight

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  • Hypothesis
  • Materials
  • Procedure
  • Results
  • Conclusions


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