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Business Law is a body of law that deals with the legal aspects of relations and conduct of the business. It is the field of law which deals with professionals dealing with trade and commerce across industries.  It is a branch of civil law and is issues as both private and public law.  The law in the formation of a new business and also helps in resolution of various issues that exist in an existing business. All the legal departments like intellectual property law, tax law, sales law and all kinds of business and its functional related laws are covered under Business law.


All business working operating in a particular country are required to abide to the Business Law of that country.  Business law also helps in enhancement of the economy as it help in efficient and timely transactions. Also Business law is essential for keeping a track of taxation detail of the company.


Whenever a company do any business with another company it abides to a contract which states that a certain amount will be paid to the bearer at a mutually accepted date.  Business law shows a legal course of action if the contract in not abided. It is an enforceable system which ensures that all the laws are abided. Also Business Law insures that all the contracts are executed under the Uniform Commercial Code adopted in that particular jurisdiction.


Business Law for Business Formation

All entities whether an individual or a big cooperation if planning to start a commercial activity , it is required to comply with the law of land for the particular jurisdiction.  The process Is known as registration and is completed by Business Law attorney’s which do all the necessary filings before the business is opened for Commercial purposes.

Any Business can be registered as a public limited, private limited, Limited Liability , partnership. These business are designed in order to suffice the need of the board or the company which has registered it.  Which company is registered under which process depends of various factors like the type of business and the tax liability associated with it.  Once a company is registered all the internal and external documents are agreed upon by all the stakeholders of the company and then are filed by the Business Law attorney.


Business Law for Financial Transaction

Business mostly do business on a credit basis model where they avail the service or product on the basis of a release order or the purchase order. The final payment is made in accordance to the agreement which is mentioned in the contract signed  by the two parties. This contract abide to the business law of the country where it is registered.


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