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Market Research Homework Help

Marketing research is one of the important topic to study in management as it help student understand about their customers and how they can target them affectively.  It is a simple process for gathering information about the potential audience. Market research helps business manager make a great business strategy for the business. Market research or marketing research help businesses gain edge over their competitors. Marketing research focuses on what all measure one need to tale in order to place the product well while market research focus on the entire market where the product is placed.



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What are different types of Market Research techniques used?



Primary and secondary market research are the two important techniques followed by professionals practicing market research.


Primary Marketing Research : A quantities and qualitative research methodology used for taking marketing research decisions pertaining to business planning and strategy . Market information and segmentation are used to provide a through detailed analysis of all aspects of the subjective market.   Market segmentation is more segregated where the target audience is divided in accordance to various parameters which are important for a market.


Other technology used for market research is SWOT analysis where a business is measured along its Strength , Weakness, opportunity and threat. All the competitors for a particular product are also measured along the same line.


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