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Mechanical Engineering Homework Help

Branch of Engineering dealing with engineering, material science and physics for the manufacturing & maintenance of mechanical systems is known as Mechanical Engineering .  


It is involved in research, design and development of mechanical systems.  One needs to study thermodynamics, kinematics, mechanics, material science , structural engineering and electrical systems in order to master mechanical engineering.  People professionally qualified and working in the mechanical engineering domain are popularly known as Mechanical Engineers.  Modern computer aided designs and project lifecycle management tools are used by these engineers in order to execute huge mechanical engineering projects. Thus Mechanical Engineering Homework Help is in high demand these days and Homework Guru is continuously working towards providing an efficient Homework Help service in this domain. Lets analyze below what exactly Mechanical Engineering is and how one can master his or her homework in this domain.



The term Mechanical Engineering came into existence after World War -1 in Europe when almost all the countries around the world were building their defense establishments and armory.  It was derived as an extension of Physics and involved scientists doing research in various engineering sectors.  The subject has been evolved in all these years and new innovations have lead to the introduction of new Mechanical Engineering subsets like mechatronics and nanotechnology. The stream has also lead to the creation of the engineering fields like Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and has also helped Industrial Engineering evolve to a much modern stage. The field has also lead to many innovations in Biology and has helped the introduction of biomedical engineering and biomechanics.


Every Country has set their own standard and accreditations for universities to teach mechanical engineering.  One needs a license to work as a mechanical engineer in certain Industries like aviations. Students studying mechanical engineering are required to master the following topics:-


  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Mathematics
  4. Physical sciences  
  5. Strength solid mechanics
  6. Materials Engineering
  7.  Composites
  8. Thermodynamics
  9. Heat transfer
  10. Energy conversion
  11. HVAC
  12. Fluid mechanics
  13. Statics
  14. Dynamics
  15.  Instrumentation and measurement
  16. Manufacturing engineering,
  17. Fuels
  18. Combustion,
  19. Vibration
  20. Control Theory
  21.  Control Engineering
  22. Pneumatics
  23.  Hydraulics,
  24. Robotics
  25.  Mechatronics
  26. Engineering  
  27.  Product design
  28. Drafting
  29.  Computer-aided design  
  30.  Computer-aided manufacturing


In addition to these mechanical engineers are also taught Electronics, Computer Science, Information Technology and Electrical systems. This is done in order to ensure that these engineers can study and manufacture control systems developed in modern mechanics. Along with this Automobile Engineering is also taught as the demand for automobiles has increased drastically. Automobile Engineering Is also derived from Mechanical Engineering and one qualifies for an automobile engineer post studying Mechanical Engineering. They play an important role in design and manufacturing of combustion engines.


As it can be seen mechanical engineering is vast and diverse subject and students and one needs to study the same for designing products as small as a nozzle and as large as an aircraft. On the academic side one need to study and understand all the forces involved and reaction of material when subject to heat or cooled.  Study of solid and fluid mechanics is also very important here . According to American Society of Mechanical Engineering there are 36 advanced technical divisions registered under Mechanical Engineering.  


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