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Metallurgical Engineering Homework Help

Metallurgy  is a branch of science which studies the relationship between physical and chemical behavior of elements. It also studies the technology of metals, the way metals and alloys are manufactured, how metal ores are processed and refined. It can be said the end to end process of manufacturing of metals and its compounds. Metallurgy can be categorized into ferrous and non ferrous metallurgy.


Other classification of metallurgy include Extraction metallurgy. It studies the entire process of extraction of metals from its ore and refining it.  The ore is extracted. The extracted raw material is refined by subjecting it various chemicals and then converted into metal oxide and sulfide. The process of extraction is known as miningMining is not always necessary if the ore and the physical environment its has been extracted from is conducive to leaching. Leaching is used to dissolve minerals and create an enriched solution. The generic steps in metallurgy includes :-


  1. Casting
  2. Forging
  3. Extrusion
  4. Machining
  5. Fabrication .


Another usage of metallurgy is creation of alloys. Alloys are a combination of various metals like iron and nickel in order to create a stronger material for usage. A perfect example of alloy is the Carbon nickel allow which is used in highly corrosive environment like gas turbines. The alloy is resistant to corrosion and is of high strength. Another very popular alloy is the Aluminum alloy which is used for the development of aircraft chassis.


The field of engineering which studies Metallurgy and its process is known as Metallurgical engineering. The engineers studying Metallurgical Engineering study extraction, mining, processing and designing of metals. They also study chemical engineering and how metals react in various atmospheric conditions. These engineers use their knowledge to study and solve high complex metal problems. The subject is taught in all big universities across the world and is in high demand.        


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