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Problem Statement Development for PhD

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When you plan to write the PhD thesis, you consider many pros and cons of it. Here we will provide you with the problem statement for PhD. You can make things clear in your mind by reading it. This gives you a brief detail or crux of the problems by going through the entire report.

Presenting the problem

The very first step is to explain the topic and why did you choose it? State the circumstances which are in favor of your thesis! The ideal situation which may cause deficit that you are wishing to explain in your thesis. The rationale for study needs to be clearly communicated to justify an in depth research.


Provide evidence

The seriousness of the problem you are stating must be made clear, the problem you state must be provided with proper evidence and valid source must be stated. The problem must be clear and supported by primary or secondary data.


Propose the solution

You can also state the solution of the report as if they have asked for the solution. The solution so presented can be in a brief and not in so detail.  The methodology used to reach the conclusion is also worth mentioning here. This will add value to you thesis and you can get success in your thesis.


Polish the statement

Every section needs a throw revision so that if is free of every loophole or and facts and figures. It should be edited if needed based on the data. All frivolous details must be removed and essential facts must be highlighted. You must also stay within the word limit which is stated by our college.


Our service

We help and guide students to make a fine statement of problem keeping in the demands of the audience. We provide you with sample as well. Feel free to contact us!