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SOP Writing Service

One of the most career-defining documents for any student is the statement of purpose be it for admission in a university or for an internship or for a job. This document is equally important for admissions in foreign universities.


So, if you are dreaming of studying abroad and are worrying about how to write an excellent statement of purpose, you have come to the right place.

Every year, foreign universities receive thousands of SOPs, but very few pass this stage. The most common reason for this is that most SOPs have similar content and only those which stand out, make the cut.



Let us first discuss what an SOP is. As the term suggests, it is a short write up on why you wish to join a particular organization, be it a university or a place of work. Further, it also highlights why they should give you a chance to join their organization. The write up includes your introduction, your defining qualities, past experience that is relevant for the organization, future goals and how associating with the organization will help realize them.

Including so much of information briefly is no piece of cake. So, let us begin by giving a generally accepted format for a good SOP.


  1. Your brief introduction and qualification.
  2. Why you wish to join the organization/institution.
  3. Your qualities and significant achievements.
  4. Future goals and how you plan to achieve those.
  5. Why the organization/institution should give you a chance.



Now that we’ve discussed the format, let us skim through the basic dos and don’ts.


  1. Keep this format in mind while writing the SOP. You may write down some pointers in rough that you wish to include in the SOP.
  2. You may start with a short story that you think will help in furthering your reason for joining the institution or highlights your significant qualities.
  3. Focus on a few qualities and achievements instead of writing a long list. Support these with instances if you think it is important.
  4. You can also include your research on the institution. It will show that you have read about them and genuinely wish to associate with them.
  5. Focus on achievements that are related to the field. For example, avoid writing too much about your sports activities if you are interested in academics. However, don’t forgo writing about extra-curricular activities, since they show that you are an all-rounder.


  1. Avoid using over the top language. Keep it simple.
  2. Avoid grammatical mistakes.
  3. Do not write false information.
  4. Do not use vague terms when talking about yourself. It makes the SOP monotonous.
  5. Avoid writing your weaknesses.
  6. Avoid writing anything that shows discrimination based on gender, religion, race, caste, etc. If you are adding some humorous content or remark, ensure that it is not something that may hurt the sentiments of any community.


These are some basics that will help you draft a good statement of purpose that is bound to come to the notice of the panel.