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Scholarship Essay Writing Service

Scholarship essays are no doubt very difficult to write and even more difficult to edit. Almost all foreign universities require applicants to write essays that decide the status of their applications. While you may get an admission based on other aspects of your profile, the essay is the primary deciding factor for scholarships. We understand how intimidating this might seem for a student appearing for exams, gathering reference letters, writing the statement of purposes among other things, which is why we are here to offer our services that will somewhat lessen your burden.



A good essay has the following characteristics,

  1. A captivating introduction that catches the attention of the reader. You can begin with an anecdote or quote that is related to the topic.
  2. Show how the anecdote relates to the topic and how it showcases your positive qualities.
  3. If needed you may write another anecdote. But make sure you decide this based on your word limit. Your essay should contain not just anecdotes but also how they portray positive qualities.
  4. Do not turn your essay into a resume by discussing all your achievements. The more personal it is, the better. So, make sure you write something that cannot be gathered from your resume.
  5. Think something outside the box. It will catch the attention of the committee and leave a lasting impression.
  6. Edit and review.



We at Homework Guru offer essay editing services. Let us discuss how we can share your worries about writing essays.



  1. Because of our immense experience, we can identify what the panel actually wishes from you. The topic may seem direct, but there are underlying themes that can be identified only by experts, which we have at your disposal.
  2. We will then help you write those aspects of our stories or anecdotes that will highlight these themes. For example, if you are writing on leadership qualities, we will help you identify which aspects of your story will best showcase that you are a good leader. This is also the stage where we differentiate between what goes into a resume and essay.
  3. Identifying the keywords in the topic is also a difficult task. We will help you identify these and also tell you how to include them without repetition.
  4. As stated before, the beginning of the essay decides whether the reader will continue reading it. We will assist you in writing in a manner that holds the reader’s attention.
  5. Lastly, because of our experience, we understand the panels and the judges. We understand which essays will qualify and which will be left half-unread. We will use this experience to ensure that your essay falls into the first category and leaves the entire panel impressed.