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Transportation engineering is defined as the application of technology for scientific principles used for planning, functional design, operation and management of any mode of transport and its facilities. Transportation engineering is used to provide efficient, safe, rapid and comfortable movement of people and goods using various mode of transportation. Transportation engineering is an important part of civil engineering and is also taught to students who are studying civil engineering and industrial engineering. Transportation engineering can be basically divided into six broad categories :-


1.            Air Transportation

2.            Highway

3.            Petroleum

4.            Pipeline

5.            Waterway

6.            Urban Transportation.

Transportation engineering is an important aspect of urban planning and involve various technical forecasting decisions. It involved the trip estimation, trip distribution, route assignment, travelers decision , etc. Passenger trips are said to be the main focus area of transportation engineering because they define the peak of demand in any transportation system.

Facility planning and design is the core structure of transportation engineering . Operational , planning , financing , policy analysis are important aspects to be studied in transportation engineering. Civil engineers practice and involve planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of transport facilities.


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