Meet DeVos , The new Educational Secretary.


Donald trump has recently announced DeVos as the educational secretary in the recent cabinet pick. The news was expected yet shocking for all. The husband of the secretary deriveshis livelihood from Michigan-based (amway) Company which had been run by his father for home based sales of beauty products and toiletries. The family members of the latest education secretary are also the donors of charitable institutions which fight against marriage related social evils.

DeVos and her husband had previously made many petitions at constitution to ban homosexual marriages. They also began campaigns in which they had spent heft sums of money. The couple received somewhat success at the end in their efforts through the support of national judiciary of the American nation. DeVos and Douglas additionally funded the foundations with hefty sums of money in pasts. The couple has made anti-marriage equality efforts in 1980s. They additionally created propagandas in the presidential commission on AIDSthrough their rude and loud public speeches.

DeVos is not an exact friend of public education. She is an advocate by choice and believes that government must issue special vouchers to those parents who desire sending their children to schools but are unable to do so because of tremendous financial constraints. In one of the speeches she mentioned that government totally understands the plight of those students who remain stuck in illiteracy due to lower monetary levels of their families. She added that there is a significant need to help such children so that they can receive quality education for enlightening their future.

The educational secretary also applauded the new plan released by trump which allowed children to access quality education despite of lower income of their families. However, considering the reaction of the opponents, DeVos is being highly criticized for publicizing and imposing her ideologies in the society. She is being accused on the plea of degrading public education. The opponents additionally mentioned that a substantial part of her efforts would be directed towards the betterment of Michigan society which is certainly non-bearable. Moreover,special agendas for accusing the policies adopted by DeVos are also being initiated.

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