Why We Celebrate World AIDS Day !


Worlds AIDS day is marked on 1st of December and being celebrated since 1988 for raising awareness towards this deadly disease. Governmental, non- governmental as well as NGOs observe this day and try to spread prevention and control measures amongst citizens. World AIDS day is amongst eight officially announced global heal care campaigns organized by WHO (world health organization). An official proclamation regarding this day is being announced by the US president since 1995.

HIV /AIDS have been a topic of concern since years as it is difficult to identify during its initial stage. Even the most learned doctors are misguided at times by the early symptoms of the disease. The initial stage has symptoms that are identical to diseases like viral hepatitis, anxiety and tiredness. However, if the symptoms of ailments progress, then one should immediately get HIV test done. HIV/AIDS can be only diagnosed past six weeks after the body has developed certain antibodies to the infection. Thus one should take it seriously if one suffers from prolonged unexplained fever, fatigue, nausea, headache or rash.

Sometimes no symptoms are visible for several years after the person is affected. The flu-like symptoms which usually occur after the few weeks of infection are termed as seronversion ailment. It is witnessed that maximum people suffering from HIV have symptoms like sore throat, fever, body rash, joint pain, tiredness, muscle pain, joint pain and swollen glands.  Once these symptoms disappear, the disease does not show any sort of signs for several years. During this tenure, the virus spreads significantly inside one’s body thereby damaging the entire immune system. It takes about ten years for the virus to spread and damage the immune system of the sufferer. Till then one continues to appear absolutely hale and hearty.

The disease can become impossible to handle if the symptoms are not cured at right time.  The HIV virus drastically damages the disease fighting ability the body which turns him prone to more ailments. Various types of ailments and tumors which generally do not affect an immune system severely infect the sufferer due to lack of immunity.


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